Soccer Mayhem

A few days ago all across the country on the evening news was shown a video clip of a women’s soccer match between New Mexico and BYU where a player was shown pulling an opponent down by her pony tail. Earlier video clips were shown of this soccer player’s continued use of elbows and fists against other players during the game. as we watched this scene unfold mostly we were shocked at the behavior. How could this young women commit such flagrant and cruel acts during a game? It should not come as a surprise to any of us. Not that this particular young women did such an act but that is occurs countless times daily with all ages of children and young adults committing such behavior during sport events. For nearly a decade I have been studying youth sport events across the country and especially in Clark County Nevada (Las Vegas, Henderson, North Las Vegas) and this type of behavior occurs everyday. The trouble is that local league officials and park administrator turn a blind eye to these acts and claim that it does not exist in their communities. I’m sure that every park administrator will say just that after an incident is videotaped in one of their events and then they can claim that it must be unique because they have never had that trouble before. Denial will never improve their league. If you have witnessed bad behavior during one of your child’s youth sport events please join in this discussion and describe what occurred and any impact on your child or other children. Let’s bring a real face to this problem by alerting everyone to what really goes on out at our parks.

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