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Parent and Coach Training for Youth Sports

YouthFirst is a great program for helping both parents and coaches learn how to communicate and interact in the youth sport setting to make the experience both FUN and positive. YouthFirst is now a win-win program for coaches and leagues. A new fund-raising program has been added. The training program is offered at $7.50 per person and now $2.50 of that fee will be returned to either the team or league to be used as wanted. The process is simple: the team coach or the league administrator (City, County Parks & Rec Depts. are also included) contacts YouthFirst (rrapache@youthfirst.info) and arranges specifics on the registration process. Such as having every parent and coach register with the same team or league name to make it easy to identify the participants. A detailed listing of all registered participants will be shared with the team coach and/or league administrator for verification and the appropriate fee of $2.50 per participant will be quickly sent.

This is a win-win proposal for everyone involved in youth sports. Parents and coaches will benefit from learning their vital role. The city sport leagues will have a more positive and FUN atmosphere that encourages family and community pride. And most importantly the children them selves will benefit from having parents and coaches that support their participation and applaud and cheer at every moment instead of giving instructions and behaving badly. After all youth sports is for our children. Let’s do our part. I encourage you to have every parent and coach involved with YouthFirst.