Suggested Activities to Help Your Child

  1. Support your child’s interest in sports

a. Get your child a subscription to “Sports Illustrated for Kids”

b. Most sporting goods stores have books, videos, and magazines for sports

c. Check at the ‘resources” link on this site for ideas on what books and videos to get on sports

d. Take you child to a sports game. Most communities have a university or college nearby that have sports teams. Prices for tickets are generally very affordable. Other suggestions include semi-professional and professional sports teams.

e. Make watching a sports game with your child a special event. Find out your child’s favorite team or sport and check the local TV listings. Popcorn, pizza, nachos, and other nutritional treats of your liking will make a great impression. Share the experience with your child and do it often.

f. Work with your child on conducting a web search for more instructional material on their favorite sport.