The Journal of Youth Sports

Areas of Interest

  • Player Ratings
  • Behavior Enhancement
  • Skill Development
  • Drills
  • Assessing Sport Skills
  • Parental Involvement
  • Coach Behavior
  • Leadership
  • Officiating
  • Legal issues


Types of Articles

  • Quarterly Journal
  • Peer-Reviewed and Blinded
  • Scholarly Work
  • Research
  • Application

The Journal of Youth Sports

The Journal of Youth Sports is geared towards helping coaches at any level
achieve greater success. Articles submitted for consideration should be developed to offer
practical application strategies and/or transfer research into application, which can best
support the activities of coaches. We specifically seek articles that provide solutions to
problems encountered in every facet of coaching from skill to instruction to management
of assistant coaches and staff, or those that demonstrate a more effective technique to
enhancing skills, or training of coaches. The spectrum of related ideas is broad, however
the authors should keep in mind that easy to follow step-by-step organization of thoughts
will provide greater information dissemination and ultimately improved learning by
coaches and athletes.

Research based articles can cover a broad range of areas in youth sport and may
be conceptual as well. For those research based articles with direct applicability to the
coaching ranks, the extent of discussion on statistical analyses should be limited, with the
focus on how the research can be transferred to direct application by coaches and/or
parents emphasized. Provide clear guidance for implementation of the findings and offer
thoughts on the implications for this research and how the coach might benefit from
utilizing this new approach or instructional methodology. Write in an informal manner,
and minimize formal or technical language unless absolutely necessary. Ideas should be
clear, concise, and logical. Give practical examples, and when appropriate, include
photos, tables, or charts to illustrate your ideas.

Manuscript Submissions
• Manuscripts should be double-spaced on 8 1/2 X 11 papers. Page and line number,
if possible. Title page should include name, professional title, mailing address,
phone, fax, and email. To insure blind review, do not include this information on
text pages.
• Limit your article to approximately 10-12 pages.
• Prepare a cover letter stating that your manuscript has not been previously
published and/or is not being considered for publication elsewhere.
• Manuscripts should be in Microsoft Word. Submit a disk with 4 hard copies. Or
submit electronically to the email address below.
• High quality, glossy color photos of no less than 1200 DPI or digital photos of at
least 300 DPI are encouraged. Releases must be obtained from individuals
appearing in photos.

Submit to:
RR Apache, Ph.D., CAPE
YouthFirst; Trudvang, LLC
10780 Barnard Bee CT
Las Vegas, NV 89183