How to get YouthFirst

YouthFirst is a Parent and Coach Orientation program on youth sports designed to help parents guide their children in youth sports in a manner that promotes fun and maintains a positive environment. Coaches will learn how to create positive experiences for their players and how best to communicate with children and youth. Parents will learn how best to encourage, motivate and support their children in youth sports.

This short orientation program touches on many of the problems encountered in youth sports from inappropriate behavior by parent and coaches to children dropping out of sports.

This proactive program has been warmly embraced by thousands of parents and coaches over the past several years. Its effectiveness has been researched and documented in published peer-review journals.

Topics Covered:

  • Why kids play sports.
  • The role of the Parent
  • The role of the Coach
  • Why kids quit sports.

YouthFirst comes in two different learning formats. Leagues can require their parents and coaches to complete the training program via the online course located on this website or through a trainer provided orientation program administered by a YouthFirst staff member or a league official authorized through licensing.

Program Package comes with the following:

  • Training video in both VHS and DVD formats
  • Facilitator Handbook
  • Pledge of Conduct forms (Parents & Coaches)
  • YouthFirst Bookmarkers
  • YouthFirst manuals for each attendee
  • Certification Quizzes
  • Developmental Coaching Brochures

A resource Website with over 4000 developmentally and age-appropriate newsletters for parents, coaches and players ages 4 to 18 years.

How to get YouthFirst for your program?
Contact  Dr. R. R. Apache by phone

Or by email

Benefits of the YouthFirst Program

  • Easily administered to groups of up to 60 at a time.
  • Short, concise and emotionally charged.
  • Facilitators have freedom to add and modify topics critical to situation.
  • Program offers excellent discussion points to engage interaction amongst the attendees.
  • Extremely cost-effective.
  • Program can be repeated with little preparation.
  • Can be administered to individual teams or whole leagues.
  • Certification is good for two-years.
  • An advanced orientation program, PLAYS is available for re-certification.
  • Effectiveness of this program has been well-documented and course material is evidence-based.
  • Feel free to call upon us for further information.