Sportsmanship – Parent to Child
As the parent you should lead by example. This entails being a positive sportsman to the coach, other parents, your child, and anyone else involved in sport.

  • Being a good role model for your children and others will foster sportsmanship for everyone involved.
  • After games make an effort to talk positively about both teams.
  • Emphasize the importance of shaking hands with the other team and parents/coaches.
  • When attending sporting events with your child cheer positively.

Sportsmanship – Parent to Coach
As a parent you should support your child’s coach in all aspects of his job.
Coaches have other jobs, families, and responsibilities much like you.

  • Shake hands with the coach, and thank him/her for their service.
  • Ask if you can help before the game.
  • Respect the choices made by the coach during the game.
  • If you disagree with the coach about something, cool down and call the coach later, or possibly write the coach a letter, then have you son or daughter give it to him next practice.
  • Recognize that coaches make mistakes.
  • Be grateful for the opportunity for your son or daughter to play on a team.

Sportsmanship – Parent to Parent
As a parent attending your child’s games you should as a spectator hold yourself to the level of sportsmanship that is required on the field.

  • Talk to one another with respect.
  • Do not talk bad about another parents kid.
  • Take responsibility to lead by good example in the stands and on the field.
  • Shake hands with the other parents that sacrifice their time like yourself so your child can compete.
  • Enjoy the game win or lose.
  • Success is a point of view. Find success in every thing your child does.