Statement of Purpose

YouthFirst was designed and developed specifically to support the efforts of parents in encouraging a FUN environment for their children. YouthFirst was seen as an instrument to help parents actively participate in the lives of their children. The role of the parent in youth sports is best described in the following manner:

  • To be a Parent

Parents have a distinct and valuable role in youth sports. Specifically, it is to be a parent. A parent who teaches, supports and raises children to be good citizens and responsible youth.

  • To allow children to have FUN

Want to find a way to get children to do something repeatedly without having to nag them? Make the activity FUN. If sports and recreational activities were always FUN then children would continue to participate throughout their lives and into their 90’s.

  • To be a good role model

Parents are so influential in the lives of their children. Children look up to their parents. However, when parents misbehave at youth sports events children become ashamed. It is therefore better to act in a manner that promotes good behavior and produces pride in children.

  • To support the interests of their children

Parents should encourage the participation by their children in whatever extracurricular activity their child selects. Only then can a child be reassured of their efforts and the unconditional support from their parents.

  • To take an active role in participating with their child.

Parents are comfortable attending their child’s games and cheering supportively. However, a parent should strive for becoming a very active participant by helping train their child at home, reinforcing skill development, and by actually kicking the ball around (playing catch, a pick-up basketball game, etc.) with their child. This active participation will greatly improve the parent-child relationship and the development of the child’s self-esteem.