The Grand Performance

Going to a movie theater to watch a newly released blockbuster is such an event. Audiences typically try to arriver early, gather up the assortment of refreshments and munchies and find their favorite seating location. As the feature presentation begins there is a sense of expectation and enjoyment. Sometimes after a movie has finished the audience applauds the action and drama seen. Emotions were touched and the audience leaves the theatre with hopefully with a sense of enjoyment and satisfaction. Going to watch your child play basketball should result in the same experience. But more so since there is an emotional attachment to the performance (game) you are watching (your child). If your child, no matter the age, is playing and performing and it can be observed that they are enjoying what they are doing then parents should be happy for that performance and appreciate the game for what it was. An opportunity for your child to play a sport he or she really enjoys. It is as simples as that. Watch your child perform and applaud the action, the effort, the teamwork, the sportsmanship, and he effort of the opposing team (yes, applaud the effort by ALL players on the court) and you will see and feel a change in the atmosphere to on that is positive and reinforcing for children to participate in youth sports and have fun in the process.