Tips for Skill Development

  1. Use a variety of activities to teach the skills.
  2. Repetition….practice, practice, and more practice.
  3. Provide positive reinforcement.
  4. Use skill assessment to gauge progress.
  5. Set realistic goals. These are based on each individual’s abilities.
  6. Demonstrate the skills in four different ways to accommodate the needs of the “watcher”, “doer”, “thinker”, and “feeler”.
  7. Provide activities to help with muscular development.
  8. Provide activities to help with increased endurance and stamina.
  9. Teach activities that are developmentally appropriate.
  10. Use good communication, positive communication.
  11. Use video, charts, and other instruments to support skill development.
  12. Use good verbal cues that help the player perform the skill better.
  13. Use physical prompting when necessary.
  14. Teach the skills in a simulated game situation.
  15. Make the activities fun.
  16. Let players evaluate their own progress.