Rawlins Youth League Basketball Series

Youth League Basketball Volume 1 – Teaching Skills .(BV015) $32.95
This video shows how to teach developmental of players skills for the fundamental five areas of basketball: shooting, dribbling, passing, defense, and rebounding. Dozens of drills and concepts that are easy to teach and learn. Perfect for players, parents, and coaches who want to improve and excel. (40 mins)

Youth Basketball Volume II – Coaching Teams (BV016) $32.95
Volume II takes coaches through typical 1-1, 1 1/2 hour practices during which team drills are show for the fundamental five(shooting, dribbling, passing, defense, and rebounding) with time left in practice for team plays and scrimmaging. Dozens of drills and tips are fundamentally sound and effective for beginning coaches. Theis tape will be the assistant coach you’ll ever have.
(40 mins)

Youth League Basketball Volume III – Players Workout (BV017) $32.95
A simply designed workout program for youth league players that combines the fundamental of the game into a "self competitive" workout. Take approximately one hour a day to complete or divide the workout in half and practice each half of the workout on alternating days. A fun and competitive way to practice and improve. (40 mins)

Teaching Youth Basketball Basics (HK-100-3) $44.95
This instructional video shows novice coaches how to introduce, demonstrate, and explain a skill, then attend to players as they practice it. Two coaches demonstrate this teaching method with their team. The video covers shooting, dribbling, rebounding and setting and defending screens. Viewers also learn how to apply those basic techniques to progress from teaching individual skills to running drills and teaching team strategy. 30 minutes.

Youth Basketball (HK-100-1 The Team Practice for Boys) $24.95
(HK-100-2 The Team Practice for Girls) $24.95
Two videos that show how to oreganize and lead practice. Each video is 31 minutes that takes you step by step through a well-structured practice session, providing examples of drills and coaching tips along the way. The videos not only teach you how to set goals and prepare for practices, they also show you how to organize your team’s workout sessions into the following segments: Warm-up and stretching, basic skills, new skills, and team play, scrimmage and free throws.

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Youth League Football with Terry Orchard

Vol. 1: Teaching Football Skills (FBV-00225) $29.95
Learn the correct and safest way to teach basic football skills to young players. Taught by 5 time Utah State Youth League Champion, this video will walk you through fills for blocking, tackling, passing, receiving, running conditioning, and more. Each drill demonstrated can be performed by players any age and skill level.

Vol. 2: Caching Football Teams (FBV-00226) $29.95
The key successful team is good practice. This video will break down correct ways to run a practice and shows over 20 drills for teaching both individual skills and team concepts. Learn proper formations, team tackling and blocking drills, team toughness and conditioning drills and more. 45 minutes.

Youth Football
This video series is geared toward the youth league coach. It provides detailed explanation and demonstration of the fundamentals and techniques involved in teaching each position to the youth player.

Coaching Quarterbacks (FBV-00245) $39.95
Demonstrates the fundamentals and techniques involved in teaching sound quarterback play. 48 minutes.

Coaching Outside Linebackers (FBV-00246) $39.95
Step-by-step instructions on how to teach the essential skills to outside linebackers. 84 minutes.

Coaching Defensive Backs (FBV-00247) $39.95
Informative look at how to coach the defensive secondary at the youth level. 59 minutes.

Coaching Defensive Linemen (FBV-00248) $39.95
An insightful guide to teaching the skills essential to sound defensive line play. 46 minutes.

Coaching Tight Ends (FBV-00250) $39.95
Guidelines and coaching pointers for developing the skills and techniques required by tight ends.

Coaching Inside Linebackers (FBV-00257) $39.95
An invaluable guide to teaching fundamentals and techniques too inside linebackers.
40 minutes.

Coaching Offensive Linemen (FBV-00267) $39.95
A thorough review of how to coach the offensive line at the youth level. 53 minutes.

Coaching Receivers (FBV-00278) $39.95
A comprehensive discussion of how to teach the skills essential to sound receiver play for the youth level. 80 minutes.

Coaching Running Backs (FBV-00279) $39.95)
Easy-to-use advice and ideas on how to coach running backs. 28 minutes.

Youth Football: Strategies for Success (FBV-00182) $29.95
This excellent video is designed to teach the basic fundamentals, techniques and strategies of youth league football. It serves as a helpful compendium for coaches, parents and kids alike. Offensive and defensive fundamentals, formations, plays, strategies, plus a section on special teams and the kicking game are included. 40 minutes.

Coaching Youth Football ASEP (FB-0070) $13.95
Formerly the Rookie Coaches Football Guide, this newly revised edition is a great tool for youth football coaches and parents working with 6-14 year olds. Learn how to teach kids important football skills and fundamentals step-by-step. This valuable resource contains 25 practice drills and 112 new and improved illustrations plus more. 176 pages.

Youth League Football. Tom Flores & Bob O’Connor (FB-0024) $13.95
This book presents a variety of drills and exercises that guarantee skill improvement. Offers information for improving abilities in every position from quarterback to kicker. Details fundamentals for coaches, parents and players. 175 pages.

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Sports First Aid: Updated Edition Melinda Flegel (GB-0012) $19.95
The practical first aid guide written specifically for coaches has been updated. A comprehensive quick reference guide for administering the proper emergency medical guide to injured athletes. Easy -to-follow step-by-step procedures for nearly 100 athletic injuries with over 250 illustrations. 185 pages

Sports Nutrition Guidebook: 2nd Ed. Nancy Clark (Gb-0018) $15.95
Features 131 recipes and straightforward advice from renowned sports nutritionist. Learn to fuel active lifestyle and maximize nutritional value for high energy and lifelong health. Includes a game plan for good nutrition meals made quick and easy sports nutrition for success play a section on weight management. 456 pages

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Youth Sports:

Good Sports: A concerned Parent’s Guide to Competitive Youth Sports (GB-0080) $12.95
Parents and coaches of today’s youth now have a comprehensive guide to help them deal with the rewarding and sometimes turbulent and world of organized youth sports. This book will help parents and coaches avoid pitfalls surrounding the increasingly competitive environment of youth sports while helping children enjoy a positive, challenging and educational sports experience. 152 pages

Sport Parent (Gb-0067) $9.95
A practical and easy to read book that will guide parents as they support their child’s participation in sports. Includes helpful checklists, reasons why kids play sport and why the drop out, play ways to help kids develop a healthy sport perspective. In addition it offers ways to get involved and how to be a responsible "sport parent." 96 pages

Way to go Coach! (GB-0060) $15.95
This practical book teaches coaches how to foster positive coach-athlete relationships and how to create greater cohesion. More than 75 key principles of effective coaching are clearly highlighted throughout. 150 pages.

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