Coaching Manuals


Method Training: A Handbook for Players and Coaches

Here is a complete manual for baseball players and coaches. Help your team advance in their skilled performance and preparation. This handbook was developed to help not only the coach but to aid the player in developing an appropriate training schedule and mind set for practice and game play. Get a copy for each of your players. Handbook is appropriate for all ages of players from 11 years to college player. 105 pages.

Price: $30.00 each


Principles of Coaching Basketball

Every basketball would want this fundamental playbook and resource developed by the renown coach Howie Landa. Coach Landa has coached successfully at the high school, college, international level, professionally for both NBA and WNBA, with induction into 16 basketball and athletic halls of fame as player and as a coach. 34 pages.

Price: $10.00 each


Advanced Principles in Basketball

This advanced principles book accompanies Coach Landa’s Principles of Coaching Basketball. This advanced manual will broaden the knowledge of the serious basketball coach with its easy to follow schemes and plays. A must have for high school and club teams. Get a copy for each of your players, makes a great teaching tool for both player and coach. 97 pages.

Price: $25.00 each


Transition Basketball – The Running Playmaker

This manual by Coach Landa has made teaching and explaining the transition game into an art form. Every player and coach should add this to their bookshelf. Explore the world of the transition game through the eyes of a Hall of Fame Coach. 36 pages.

Price: $10.00 each


Stack Offense

Coach Landa has developed a new manual for coaches and players specifically aimed at the stack offense. This 41 page manual will guide the player, coach and basketball enthusiast through the stack offense with detailed plays and schemes. A must for all coaches and players. Get one for each of your players to move their cognitive game forward. 41 pages.

Price: $10.00 each