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Project CAMPFIRE is a compilation of movement patterns of small children, elementary aged children, middle school and high school aged students, and adults though the 80s. These movements have been categorized by topic areas: General Movement; Weight Lifting; Rehab & resistance Exercises; Manual Muscle Testing and Fundamental Gross Motor Skills. A great resource for university students studying physical education, motor development, adapted physical education, coaching, and rehabilitation. Also a great teaching supplement for university professors and instructors teaching any of these areas. Select any of these as course material and they can be placed in the campus bookstore for ease of distribution.


Project CAMPFIRE DVD, Volume 1 & 2

Volume 1: Movement Patterns (Across the Lifespan)

Volume 2: Weight Lifting

Both volumes on same DVD .

Price: $15.00 each


Project CAMPFIRE DVD, Volume 3 & 4
Volume 3: Rehab & Resistance Exercises

Volume 4: Manual Muscle Testing

Both volumes on same DVD.

Price: $15.00 each


Project CAMPFIRE CD, Volume 1
Volume 1:

Movement Patterns (Preschool Children)

Price: $10.00 each


Project CAMPFIRE CD, Volume 2
Volume 2:

CAMP Assessment (Preschool Children)

Price: $10.00 each


Project CAMPFIRE CD, Volume 3
Volume 3:

Advanced Motor Skills (students ages 10 – 14 years)

Price: $10.00 each