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Youth Sports and Parents

Saturday, January 28th, 2012

Everyday across our great country there are numerous if not hundreds of episodes of inappropriate and violent behavior at local youth sport events. This seems to be an ongoing problem. however, no one appears ready to make the hard choices to end this behavior. It is time that parents rise up and demand from their local governments rules that require that every coach and parent involved in youth sport take an educational training program similar to YouthFirst. Tell your local reps that they can solve their local problem by having every coach and parent take this online course. the cost is low and the time required is minimal. With great proven results in shaping the behavior of parents and coaches at youth sport events.

Tips for Coaches

Thursday, January 28th, 2010

Tips for Coaches

1. Motivate your players.
2. Communicate in a positive manner with your players.
3. Model appropriate behavior for your players.
4. Teach patiently, take your time and provide great encouragement.
5. Give a tremendous amount of positive reinforcement.
6. Demonstrate good leadership. Lead by example.
7. Be well organized.
8. Obtain as much knowledge on the sport and skills as possible to teach your players the basic fundamental skills.
9. Be consistent with your communication and how you treat all players.
10. Be honest with your players. A coach has such a strong impact on young children, it is important to demonstrate proper behavior at all times.
11. Be fair with all players.
12. Set team rules that promote team unity and allow players to grow as athletes and young people.
13. Develop realistic goals for each player. Goals should be high yet attainable and should be developed with regards to the individual player.
14. Have fun. If the coach is not having fun then the players are not having fun.
15. Self-evaluate your efforts. Did you plan a good practice? Were you prepared? Did you encourage your players? Did you teach the basic skills?
16. Assess your players at every stage.
17. Get to know your players.
18. Listen to your players. Why are they playing sports?
19. Find some great enthusiastic assistant coaches.